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Drs. Tarmizi, M.Pd

Bidang Keahlian: Pendidikan Fisika, Manajemen Pendidikan Fisika

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Phone : 61 3 8376 6284
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S1, Pendidikan Ilmu Alam, FKg Unsyiah, Banda Aceh
S2, Manajemen Pendidikan, Unsyiah, Banda Aceh

My name Tarmizi Hamid. I life at Jl. Nyak Arif, dusun Tunggai, Lorong Tunggai II number 10-Lamgugob. Syiah kuala Districk, Banda Aceh. I was Born in Lubuk Gabui Village, District ingin jaya, Aceh Besar, Nanggro Aceh Darussalam Province. I my fathers name is Abdul Hamid M. Amin and my mothers name is Hindun M. Daud. I am the second in my family I have one brother and two sisters. I was born on 14 April 1954 when I was 7 years old, I studied to study in Gaferment fimary school Bireun Rayeuk and finised in 1967. Then I continued yunior high shool No. 1 Langsa kota and finished in 1970. In 1971 I continued to senior high school No. 1 langsa and I finished in 1973. Then, in 1974 I continued my study in teacher faculty Syiah Kuala University that now we know as teacher and education faculty with physics subject or we know as a physics dapertement. I gote my graduated in 1982. Now I am alacture in physics dapertement teacher and education al faculty since 1982. I continued to get master degree in 2002 at syiah kuala university

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